Education and Training

Cohort-based Education

How do we flip traditional notions of education and decolonize the classroom?

Cohort-based learning allows peers to learn from one another, shape the curriculum they engage with and draw on the community resources around them to support holistic learning.

Following my participation in several cohort-based learning programs, and my love for bringing people together to learn from one another in community I have been given the opportunity to host 2 cohorts of the RADIUS Fellowship and 2 Muslim Community Fellowship Cohorts.

You can read more about my approach to this type of learning here.

2019 RADIUS Fellowship Outcome Report

2020 RADIUS Fellowship Outcome Report

About the Muslim Community Fellowship

Team Training

Shifting work culture takes time. Developing a shared language, having shared experiences, and reflecting with one another through facilitated conversations can be a powerful way to shift how people relate to one another and their work.

Over a 9 month period in 2021, I worked with UBC's Campus and Community Planning to bring a greater equity lens into their Campus Vision 2050 Engagement Planning

Public Lectures and Conversations

Any opportunity to share is a gift and I have had the pleasure to share my experiences with community building, leadership training, decolonization and anti-racism in a number of different settings.

I have also had the fortune of moderating conversations with incredible people who have shown me a wealth of different ways to approach common problems we face.

Recordings of some of these conversations are on my "About Me" page.

Here are some kind words written about a decolonizing leadership workshop I hosted at the 2020 BCIT Inspire by Leadership Conference.

Would you like me to host a cohort, speak or moderate at an event?